WADA Wi-Fi Maps - Free Wifi

WADA Wi-Fi Maps - Free Wifi 5.23.06

????? BRAND NEW VERSION 2.0 ?????

????? BRAND NEW VERSION 2.0 ?????

????? BRAND NEW VERSION 2.0 ?????


Tired with slow and expensive 3G? Internet connection is not fast and stable enough for Skype calls? Viber calling is too lag?

WADA Wi-Fi Maps helps users to find and connect to wifi hotspots all over the world.

The usage is simple. Users just need to turn on wifi on the phone and in the range of the hotspot, then you're connected without any further action required.

With more than 500,000,000 hotspots all over the world, you will never worry about finding Internet connection again and always ready to catch up with any latest information.

Main features:

? Automatically find and connect with wifi hotspots

? Easy to find nearest hotspot with Google Maps

? Wifi hotspots all around the world

? Share wifi hotspots to the world

? Review wifi hotspots and locations to share with other users.

? Battery friendly

Language support: English, Vietnamese, Russian and Spanish

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*** This is not a wifi hacking application.

Please report and submit bugs, crashes to wadavietnam@gmail.com if any.

WADA Wi-Fi Maps - Free Wifi


WADA Wi-Fi Maps - Free Wifi 5.23.06